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Web Banking - Troubleshooting Tips

When you are dealing with the internet you will encounter many variables. Some variables we have discovered will cause Web Banking functionality to not work correctly. Below is a list of variables that may cause problems with Web Banking.

  • Using the navigation buttons (forward and backward arrows) instead of the Web Banking buttons.
  • Leaving that web browser open for a long period of time and then logging on to web banking again.
  • Not letting the system work by being impatient and clicking around in the application when the page is loading.
  • Using the X to end the session instead of choosing LOG OUT.
  • Not closing completely out of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, and others) after using web banking before logging back into web banking again.
  • Not answering and selecting both question and picture before hitting submit.
  • Not answering your question correctly. Spaces, commas, etc. need to be entered if they were put in the original answer. Upper and lower case does NOT matter.
  • Not entering your user id and password correctly. Your new Password must:
    • ... be at least 8 characters long.
    • ... meet three of the four following requirements:
      • contain one uppercase letter (A - Z).
      • contain one lowercase letter (a - z).
      • contain 1 number (0 - 9).
      • contain one non-alphabetic character (i.e. !, @, #, $, %).
    • ... not be longer than 15 characters.
    • ... not contain more than two consecutive characters from your user ID or full name (i.e. if your name is "Jonathan", you cannot have "ath" in your password).
    • ... not use spaces, apostrophes (') or angle brackets (< >).
    Passwords are case sensitive:
        abcde1 is not the same as ABCDE1.
  • Make sure you are using the latest brower technology and upgrade when new versions come out. Examples are:  Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
  • If you are using our e-Statement service or e-Notice service, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your PC.  There is a link on our Web Banking site when entering our e-Statements and e-Notice area to download this software.
  • Load Java onto your PC:  http://java.com  This is a programming language that powers programs such as utilities, games and business applications in which we use.  It's free and when kept updated will improve performance and stability.
  • If items are not displaying correctly when logging into web banking, it could be the compatibility view settings.  This Micosoft's support article discribes what to do: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2536204