Fee Schedules

Fees could reduce earnings on accounts

Miscellaneous Fees
ATM (TYME) Card Annual Fee $24.00
ATM (Pulse) Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $28.00 each
Visa Debit Card Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $28.00 each
Preauthorized EFT Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $28.00 each
Bill Pay Monthly Service Fee FREE
Bill Pay Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $28.00 each
Replacement/Regeneration Debit/ATM PIN $2.00
Replacement or Lost ATM Card/Debit Card $10.00
Incoming Domestic Wire Fee/International Wire Fee $8.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire Fee $15.00
Outgoing International Wire Fee $75.00
Western Union CMO (In the U.S.) $25.00
Certified Checks $5.00 each
Money Orders $2.00 each
Travel Cards
- Minimum to load ($100-$1000, not to exceed the $5000 card limit)
- No Monthly Fee (at 11 months there is a $5.00 inactive fee)
- Denied Transaction Fee .50 cents

$9.95 – Issue Fee

$2.00 – Reload Fee Online – takes up to 5 days for processing – www.cumoney.com

ATM withdrawal fee – Domestic: $1.50, Other Currency: $2.00

$1.50- ATM Balance Inquiry Fee

Some ATM Operators may charge an additional charge

Share Account/Excessive Withdrawal Fee $3.00 per withdraw in excess of 6 (six) per month
Share/Share Draft Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $28.00 per transaction
First Insured Minimum Balance Fee $10.00 per month
First Insured Excessive Withdrawal Fee $10.00 per transaction
Charge Back of a Non-Paid Check $10.00 per draft
Account Balancing Assistance $15.00 per month
Stop Payment $15.00 per draft
$45.00 maximum
Copy of a Draft FREE
CU Draft to be sent to Another Organization $5.00 per draft
Garnishment/Tax Levy $25.00 per Levy/Garnishment
Real Estate Loan Coupon Book $24.00 per booklet
Consumer Loan Coupon Book $4.00 per booklet
Transaction History Copies (current month to 5 months back) $1.00
Statement Copies $10.00 per month
Fax $3.00 first page $1.00 for every page after
Returned Mail Fee $5.00 for each piece returned
Savers Sweepstakes Penalties

$10.00 – Per Withdraw

Only 2 withdraws during a 12 month period – After the 3rd withdraw, account closure and disqualifies you from the prize drawings.

Inactive Account Policy

- An account $10.00 or under will be considered inactive if there has been no membership transactions (deposits, withdrawals, payments) within a period of 12 months. These accounts will be assessed a $1.00 per month maintenance fee.
Visa Credit Card Fees
Regular Rewards Card 10% Annual Percentage Rate
Platinum Rewards Card 9% Annual Percentage Rate
Visa Regular No Rewards Card 8% Annual Percentage Rate
Grace Period for repayment of the balance for purchases 25 days
Method of Computing the balance for purchases and Cash advances Average Daily Balance, Including New
Minimum Finance Charge None
Transaction fee for purchases None
Annual Fee None
Card Replacement Fee $10.00
Late Payment $15.00 or the amount of the required minimum payment, whichever is less, if you are five (5) or more days late in making a payment.
Return Payment Fee $20.00 or the amount of the required minimum payment, whichever is less.
Statement Copy $5.00
Document Copy $5.00
Emergency Card Replacement $150.00
Card Recovery Fee $65.00