Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Want to deposit your checks without going into one of our locations?

Use our remote deposit application at

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Instructions for Mobile Banking

  • Prior to using mobile banking you must first down load this application (SquirrelRDC) from the Apple Store or Google Play store based on your mobile operating system. Links can be found on the splash page of our mobile banking website.

  • Once SquirrelRDC is downloaded you will just leave this App on your mobile home screen and never use this App directly. It's a component that runs in the background in conjunction with Oakdale's Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).

  • Log into Mobile banking, select 'Oakdale Mobile Deposit' and follow the instructions on how to capture the image of your check for deposit.

    • Don't forget to endorse your check properly and make sure your images are clear. This information is provided as you go through the RDC process. Here is an example.


Funds deposited before 2:00 pm CST will be available by 5:00 pm CST the same day.  For weekends and holidays please allow 1-2 business days.


Maximum Number of Items
per Day 5
per Day 10
per Day 30
Maximum Amount of Deposits
per Item $2,000
per Day $2,000
Per Weeks $3,000
per Months $5,000


  • Valid email address

  • Valid mailing address

  • Member for 180 days

  • No more than 2 NSF’s in the past 30 days

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