Web Banking - First Time Login

Step 1. Open a new web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Google Chrome and others) Newest Versions work the best
Step 2. Navigate to https://www.oakdalecu.coop home page
Step 3. Log into web banking with your user ID. **You will be prompted to change your User ID**
Step 4. Answer your unique questions (only 20 characters are available for answers). These answers are not case sensitive but are sensitive to SPACES, COMMAS, APOSTROPHES, AND OTHER PUNCTUATION.
Step 5. Type a short phrase and select a picture.
Step 6. Enter your Password.... you would have been given a unique password from a Member Service Representative for your first login. **You will be prompted to change your password at first log in**
Step 7. Remember to keep your password and answers to your questions safe.  You are responsible for the safety of this confidential information.
Step 8. Oakdale CU requires password changes periodically to reduce your risk of compromise.  You will be prompted to change your password at times.

Web Banking - Troubleshooting Tips

When you are dealing with the internet you will encounter many variables. Some variables we have discovered will cause Web Banking functionality to not work correctly. Below is a list of variables that may cause problems with Web Banking.

  • Using the navigation buttons (forward and backward arrows) instead of the Web Banking buttons.
  • Leaving that web browser open for a long period of time and then logging on to web banking again.
  • Not letting the system work by being impatient and clicking around in the application when the page is loading.
  • Using the X to end the session instead of choosing LOG OUT.
  • Not closing completely out of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, and others) after using web banking before logging back into web banking again.
  • Not answering and selecting both question and picture before hitting submit.
  • Not answering your question correctly. Spaces, commas, etc. need to be entered if they were put in the original answer. Upper and lower case does NOT matter.
  • Not entering your user id and password correctly. Your new Password must:
    • ... be at least 8 characters long.
    • ... meet three of the four following requirements:
      • contain one uppercase letter (A - Z).
      • contain one lowercase letter (a - z).
      • contain 1 number (0 - 9).
      • contain one non-alphabetic character (i.e. !, @, #, $, %).
    • ... not be longer than 15 characters.
    • ... not contain more than two consecutive characters from your user ID or full name (i.e. if your name is "Jonathan", you cannot have "ath" in your password).
    • ... not use spaces, apostrophes (') or angle brackets (< >).
    Passwords are case sensitive:
        abcde1 is not the same as ABCDE1.
  • Make sure you are using the latest brower technology and upgrade when new versions come out. Examples are:  Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
  • If you are using our e-Statement service or e-Notice service, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your PC.  There is a link on our Web Banking site when entering our e-Statements and e-Notice area to download this software.
  • Load Java onto your PC:  http://java.com  This is a programming language that powers programs such as utilities, games and business applications in which we use.  It's free and when kept updated will improve performance and stability.
  • If items are not displaying correctly when logging into web banking, it could be the compatibility view settings.  This Micosoft's support article discribes what to do: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2536204